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police brutality

police abuse

police brutality

police brutality

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Never Open Your Door When a Police Officer Comes Knocking

police brutality
police brutality

Officer Kevin Corcoran Charged for Roughing Up Man Filming Him

Officer Charles William Hageeo Had Sex With a 14-Year-Old

police brutality

Hawaii Cops Are Allowed to Have Sex With Prostitutes While on Duty

New Orleans Officer Charles Miller is Suspended After Leading Cops on a High Speed Chase

Officer Mathew Antkowiak Nearly Beats Man to Death Cost Taxpayers of the City of Dallas $1.1 Million Dollars

Officer Michael Gerard Caught Posing as a Girl on Facebook to Get Nude Pictures of Boys

Police Officer Kills Himself After He and a Female Officer Raped a Woman at a Party 

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Unarmed Airman Shot by Cop as He Lay on the Ground

Dash-Cam Video Shows Police Beating Man Who Stole a Bike

Police Misconduct Can't Stay Secret Any Longer One Judge Rules

Officer Steve Solari Sentenced to 5-years in Prison for a Hitting Handcuffed Man

Denver Cops Forced to Wear Cameras Unable to Delete or Alter Video

Officer Ronald Taylor is Arrested after Beating a Shoplifter

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Police Raid Strip Club Photograph Strippers

Police Tackle a 92-year-Old Minister

Officer David Bessera Arrested For Sitting in His Car Playing Loud Music and Drunk

police abuse

Officer David Bessera

Officer William Wrigley Who Died in Car Crash Was Drunk

police brutality

Officer William Wrigley

Drunk Officer Albert Coriat Begs Cop Not to Arrest Him

Lady Trooper Who Ticketed Cop For Doing 120-MPH is Being Threaten and Harassed by Police Officers

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Six San Francisco Cops Indicted

Officer Sergio Alvarez Found Gulity of Rape

police misconduct

Officer Sergio Alvarez

Supreme Court Rules That Anyone in Your Home Can Give the Police Permission to Search your House If You're Not Home

 The 6-3 ruling means anyone in your residence can give permission for the police to search your home. This means for instance your children, spouse, neighbor, friend or anyone inside your castle may give the police permission to search your home without reason.

  Indianapolis Police Must Allow the Public to Film Them After Losing $200,000 of Tax Payers Money

A Simple Traffic Stop Could Lead to a Vagina and/or Anal Probes.

Police Shoot at a Homeless Man 47 Times Over a Stolen Cup of Coffee, Yes He Was Black

police brutality

Police Chief Art Acevedo

Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo Remarked She's Lucky My Officers Didn't Rape Her, She's Lucky I Wouldn't Have Been So Generous

Officer William Ruscoe Arrested for Having Sex with a Member of the Police Explorer Program

Traffic Stops Anal and Vaginal Searched Becoming More Common Thanks to the War on Drugs

police abuse

Officer Jerry Clanton

Police Officer Jerry Clanton Raped a Woman and Now He Wants His Job Back Because it Was a 'Moral' Mistake


Killer Cop Manuel Ramos

Officer Manuel Ramos Isn't Welcome in This World After Beating An Innocent Human To Death and Getting Away With It -- Watch the Video

The Day We Fight Back Our Governement February 11th.

Officer Scott A. Greene Caught Red Handed Stealing from Motorist

An Innocent 72-Year-Old Man Killed by Officer R.A. "Alex" Hoeppner

Dallas Officer La'Cori Johnson Charged with Rape on Duty


Officer Roderick Hashaway

Officer Roderick Hashaway Only Gets Probation for Planting Evidence on Innocent People

Allegations on Sulphur Springs Officer William Gaddis of Sexual Contact with a Student

Dallas Cops Get 3 Days to Explain Why They Kill Someone This Keeps the Lying to a Minimum

Man Kills Deputy Defending His Girlfriend and Unborn Baby Did He Do the Right Thing?

This Is What You Say To a Police Officer

Talk and Treat Police Officers Like They Treat You

No Water No NSA


Officer Jonathan Lewis Helms

Officer Jonathan Lewis Helm Gets 16-Year-Old Girl Pregnant

Deputy Inoe R. Valdez Sentenced to 4 Years for Selling Cocaine

Police Chief Joseph Ray "Jody" Navarro Pleads Guilty

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