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police video, police brutality, cops, police video, police officer

Idaho Police Brutality and Police Misconduct
  08/26/2005 - BOISE -- Boise officers are looking to arrest one of their own.

 Police Chief Mike Masterson said one of his patrol officers is accused of sexual contact with a minor. The incident allegedly happened back in May.  

 Masterson says one of his officers was giving a ride along to a 17-year-old girl. At some point during the evening, the two went back to his Boise home.

It was a month and a half later the victim called the chief's office to report the incident.

 The next day, 28-year-old Richard Beal was put on administrative leave, and a week later he resigned.

 "Beal is accused of having sexual contact with the girl at his Boise home while on duty," said Masterson.

 Earlier this week a grand jury found probable cause to arrest Beal. But as of right now, no one knows exactly where he is.

 Details on the investigation are being kept quiet for now, but Masterson says his department is taking this issue very seriously.

Beal had been a patrol officer for two-and-a-half years.

 He worked the valley region, which includes the downtown Boise area. A warrant has been issued for Beal’s arrest.

 "Yes, he knows that he faces the likelihood of criminal investigation, and yes he knows that of the recent actions of the prosecutor’s office in issuing the warrant," said Masterson.

Ride alongs are nothing new to the Boise Police Department. Masterson says on average, the department gives around 175 ride alongs a year.

 Passengers include community members, business people, as well as high school students who need the experience for a class.

Masterson says due to this criminal investigation, the ride along program will be reevaluated.

If convicted of the charges, Beal faces up to life in prison, and/or a $50,000 fine, plus mandatory sex offender registration.


  06/21/2005 - Nampa, Idaho - Police in this southwestern Idaho town raided the wrong duplex, throwing a powerful noisemaking device through the unit's window and standing outside with guns drawn.

 John Simpson, convinced he was under attack Wednesday, said he hit the floor of his home, and took his wife down with him.

 "I guess we're going to have to seek psychological help, I hate to say that," Simpson said Thursday. "I'm not nuts or anything, but I'm still shaking. Put a shotgun next to your ear and pull the trigger to get an idea of the noise."

 A Nampa police officer had confused Simpson's window for that of residents who share a duplex with the 62-year-old Vietnam veteran, Assistant Chief Tim Vincent said. Police had intended to serve a search warrant in the adjacent unit. The officer threw the so-called "flash-bang" device in the window, breaking the glass and setting off a loud noise and light.

Simpson, a house painter, said he picked up the first thing he could find - a vacuum hose - and ran out the duplex's door to defend himself.

The police department quickly fixed the window, Vincent said. The agency also will pay for any other damages, he said. Because the officers were involved in a drug investigation, the raid was considered a high-risk operation, Vincent said.

Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms officials assisted.

Police subsequently arrested Simpson's 20-year-old neighbor. They allege he had 4 ounces of marijuana with the intent to deliver.


   Preston's former police chief said Friday that allegations of misconduct, including a sexual relationship with a drug suspect, are untrue, and that an independent review of the allegations was "unprofessional."

 Scott Shaw was fired by the Preston City Council on Jan. 12. Shaw filed a federal lawsuit against the city, saying he was not given any reason for his termination, nor a chance to respond, as required in the city policy manual.

 The manual states that a department head has the right to a hearing before the City Council, according to court documents.

On Feb. 23, Shaw was reinstated to his position, but suspended with pay. In court documents, Shaw stated that he never cashed the checks or took any pay.

 In the reinstatement letter, Shaw was directed by mayor Neal Larson to answer any questions asked of him by Larson, the City Council, or anyone appointed to them.

He was also asked to take a polygraph test, but refused.

 According to documents submitted to the court by Shaw's attorney, the city sent a letter to Shaw on March 3 alleging he "used his position and authority to coerce and/or influence (the drug suspect) into an inappropriate sexual relationship with him, and that she was not charged with drug-related offenses that she had apparently committed."

 "That's patently untrue," Shaw said. "Some of the allegations are, quite frankly, ridiculous."

 Shaw said he went to the woman to get a handgun from her, and that a deputy was in the parking lot the entire time he was in the home, and no one else was in the area, meaning the city's informant could not have witnessed any sexual misconduct.

 The allegations were brought to the surface in spring 2003, and he was cleared of any wrongdoing by then-mayor Jay Heusser and the City Council, Shaw said.

 Shaw said the woman has apologized for the accusations. He said she was not charged with drug offenses because she was going to testify against another drug offender in court and was later diagnosed with a mental disorder.

 In the letter, Shaw is also accused of taking $882 intended for training, and for displaying poor judgement in his handling of property acquired during a drug seizure in January 2003.


Officer Involved: Geremy Earl

Location: Idaho

5/04/04 -- Geremy Earl, a former police officer arrested in Arizona is awaiting extradition back to Idaho, for assaulting underage girls.

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police video, police brutality, cops, police video, police officer


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