Officer Kevin Buttars Charged With Assault

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Officer Kevin Buttars Charged With Assault

Postby WaTcHeR » 14 Aug 2007, Tue 6:20 pm

BOISE - An Idaho police officer is in hot water – after the Idaho Attorney General's office charged him with assaulting a man unnecessarily.

Officer Kevin Buttars of Montpelier is charged with one misdemeanor count of unnecessary assaults by a police officer.

The complaint says Buttars used his position as an officer and beat up or assaulted Jared Finley in March. The complaint lists off a number of things the officer may have done to Finley, including shoving, choking or slamming his head into the wall, or forcibly simulating sodomy on him.

Buttars has been summoned to appear in a Bear Lake County court on August 22nd. The maximum penalty, if convicted, is one year in jail and a $5,000 fine.

The Attorney General’s office is handling the case after Oneida Prosecuting Attorney turned it over to the AG’s Special Prosecutions Unit. Oneida County had been acting as special prosecuting attorney for Bear Lake County in the case. ... 944e6.html
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Postby KC » 08 Mar 2008, Sat 10:00 pm

A former Montpelier police officer convicted of battery learned his fate Friday morning.

A Bear Lake County judge sentenced Kevin Buttars to 90 days in jail for using excessive force during the arrest of Jared Finley.

You'll recall, Finley accused Buttars of verbal abuse and said that Buttars also simulated sodomy on him.

A jury convicted Buttars of misdemeanor battery on January 25th. The judge suspended part of Buttars' sentence, meaning he'll only spend 15 days in jail.

Following his jail time, Buttars will be placed on probation for one year. He'll also have to pay a $500 dollar fine.

During his jail time, Buttars will be allowed work release five days a week as he's trying to start up a new mechanics business.

NBC Newschannel 6 reporter, Ashli Kimenker, traveled to Bear Lake County for the sentencing. She'll have much more coming up tonight at six.

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